Friday, March 16, 2012

Quintin's Tea Time

I am on a locally owned restaurant kick. It's nice to get away from the same old chains and see some truly unique things. That brought Quintin's Tea Emporium to my radar.

Man these people know their stuff. Expect to get an education along with your tea which, by the way, comes in about a million varieties. They also offer a great selection of strainers and treats like cookies, peanut butter cups and peppermint patties!

My only complaint is that they are closed on Sundays.

Check them out at 3101 Virginia Beach Blvd

Eat Happy!

Dogwoods for the Win!

For the first restaurant on my blog I wanted to go out to a place I'd heard a lot about, Dogwood's Southern Bistro. It's got a great look to it, plenty of wooden walls for a nice down south feel. Weather was nice enough to try out the patio too.

Didn't have to spend a lot of money and got a TON of food. Chicken and Waffles always sounds like a funny dare but I have to say it's spectacular. Maple syrup drizzled over a perfectly cooked drumstick and a giant belgian waffle. Wish I had brought my camera (maybe next time).

Between all that and the free biscuits and rolls I had to take home my slice of Chocolate Confusion (part brownie, part mousse, part cake = sweet, sweet sweet!!)

Saw so many good things on the menu I'll have to make it out again soon.

Eat Happy!
Located just off General Booth in Virginia Beach.

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